Turning loose 1.5 Million Autiton Sleepwalkers

Once I had the Autiton model geometry simplified I then simplified all the surfaces on the Simplified Autiton model. I removed most of the texture maps, gradients, bumps and procedural surfaces from the model leaving only basic color surfaces.

High Resolution Autiton Model

The original high resolution Autiton Model.

Simplified Autiton Model

The simplified Autiton model with simplified surfaces.

I then turned on all 1.5 million animated Autiton recursive instances and set up a quick test render with the same camera fly-by from the preliminary version of the short. This was just to test the walking Autiton instances to make sure they would render OK. Click the fullscreen button to view the HD test fullscreen.

[Update: 08/17/12: I’ve increased the compression amount on the above HD video test to allow it to run better online in fullscreen mode. If you notice it stopping you may need to let it fully load before playing it.]

Next I’ll be revising the Instance Generator Lattice model that all these Autitons will be walking through. Stay tuned!

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